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My emotions are on Burning Bridge. To my advantage, I'll surely lose,
It's either burn in an inferno or fall to extreme calamities,
I'll to have made a choice but my slow brain waves are beyond confused,
I'm sick with bereavement and isolation, I need love's remedies,
I sit laugh at myself, while my hands are burned by the black snowflakes
Hold or give my love, am I only a fabricated dream?
In the past, I had a vow to make my a stand and do what ever it takes,
Now at life's end, I couldn't taste the cakes…sweet cream,
Now the smell of fires hallucinate in my body, it must be the ashes,
It seems like love is only in my seclusion,
The fires get to me and singe my lashes,
I hate looking in your eye because it seems like all this is just an illusion,
It hurts my heart when I speak lost words to you, so I try to remain aloof
Now my body is hurled over the ledge, my mind has closes
The water gleaming is in my tears. Death is near and the heated blood on lips is the proof
With my last…I fall off…before my everything…decomposes
All in All, I would fail in the end, whether burn or leap
Time is burning, burning away, so let me and the tide sleep.
  • Listening to: Carina Round-The city
  • Reading: Edgar Allan Poe's finest works
  • Watching: my dreams burn before my eyes!
  • Playing: still, Soul calibur III, KH2 or devil may cry
  • Eating: my own words "non-stoopid favored" (mmm)
  • Drinking: my fears mixed with a pinch of pain
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Submitted on
December 18, 2007