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  • Listening to: Check journal.
  • Reading: Random wikipedia articles
  • Watching: Dexter season 4!!!!!!
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed 2! THE BEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED!
  • Eating: snickerdoodle (if that's how you spell it)
  • Drinking: Cranberry Siera Mist and Hawt Coocca!
first time for everything i guess. ^^;

I been tagged by this lovely lady and fellow artist-> :hug:


1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:

1. Photography,Photography,Photography,Photography,Photography,Photography,Photography....Photography,
2. Don't tell me what to do!!!!....or I'll snap!
3. I know how to solve all our problems....a random song and dance! :D
4. Oh man...I have a rash...on my brain!!!
5. I've been wait for all my life for you! Or about maybe a day or two. I wasn't counting.
6. Come on! Let's have some fun and never change that for anyone!
7. My friends come first. That's one of the points of life.
8. I love vans! Not the vehicle, the shoe company!
9. hellz yea dawg, let's watch some chowda!!!!
10. Rilo Kiley and lot's of pictures changed my life. What thing changed yours? :)

EIGHT ways to win your heart:

1. Beautiful in every way but not perfect (because imperfect is perfect for me).
2. Rad video game skills.
3. lemons and limes ad grapefruit.
4. A caring heart.
5. I love for things that I love.
6. Something new and creative.
7. A nice plate of photos.
8. Just pure awesomeness.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:

1. My friends.
2. Photography.
3. College.
4. Car.
5. Photography...again.
6. a mouse driving a red little motorcycle.
7. My future and the people and things that can shape it.

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:

1. Bro-ham!
2. Mum!
3. Julian!
4. Taun!
5. uh....other person I can think of! XD

FIVE albums that you listen to often lately:

1. Rilo Kiley-Execution of all things.
2. A Day to Remember- For those who have heart.
3. April March-Chrominace Decoder.
4. Carina Round-Things you should know.
5. Maximum the Hormone- Buiikiaesu.

The last one was suppose to be Five songs but I change because I'm semi-cool like that.

I tag:
  • Listening to: Rilo Kiley- With Arms Outstretched.
  • Reading: How to make a perfect portrait.
  • Watching: Nothing. Want to watch "A taste of honey.&amp
  • Playing: Skate 2.
  • Eating: A Casper's feast.
  • Drinking: LEMON DROP DEAD!!! :D Jones soda!
Hello, my fellow deviants and devious friends :wave:! How are you? It seems every time I get really in focus with dA, I lose my internet thanks unpaid bills. The fall is starting out to be really awful for me. Fallout with friends, a rift with my parents, college seems farther and farther. It’s just a lot of stuff that keeps me heavy-hearted and can’t be overlooked but I’ll still fight it on. I have no choice but to.
My photography (and I really hate to say this) has been dwindling and lacking. I haven’t been shooting regularly like I should and I’m lacking models. I really can’t say I need to take a break because actually I’m still on summer break and I need something good to keep me going. Hopefully when I go to college (and I will!) my skills will be back where they were before, maybe even better.  My d40 have survived some cruel neglecting (I haven’t drop it! :phew:) but I still want a d80. I also been looking at some canon’s that really looks nice but no money means I can’t buy anything new. Still need a car more than anything
Soon I will have something worthwhile to look at on here, maybe a poem too. I have some ideas I’ve been working on and hopefully I get a good winter for it happen.  Also I’ve been wanting to get a good fall shoot before it goes. So please keep and touch and I’ll definitely do the same when I get the chance because I need the inspiration!

And Happy Holloween!!! Boo. :fear:
  • Listening to: Feist-Still True
  • Reading: "How to catchThe Hamburglar"
  • Watching: Still not watching T.V. as much.
  • Playing: A Day to Remember CD over and over
  • Eating: bottomfeeder's food.
  • Drinking: in the hope of sucess of a DD!
I have just recently obtained 5,000 pageviews but I need more! I need to get even better at what I love to do even more than getting pageviews. So in lights of this I will try my hardest to get a Daily Deviation! By the looks of DD's I've seen ever since of being on dA, I have a CRAP load of work to do but I'll keep fighting the good fight in hopes I will see that lovely little symbol DD under my comments and the deviants that granted my this achievement. I have some ideas but models are harder to come by but I'll find away! :shakefist: Those who support, Thank you for all the help and love. I loves alls y'alls to pieces!:hug::glomp: And I plan on getting a subscription either before or after I get the DD (It would be wise to do it before)!

It's always nice to have a goal right? Even if it's nigh impossible!:D :shakefist:
  • Listening to: Rilo Kiley- Paint's Peeling
  • Reading: Emily the Strange "The Lost Days"
  • Watching: I have t.v. but don't feel like watching anything
  • Playing: Prototype (bought a xbox 360 elite)
  • Eating: something that's really well hard to find
  • Drinking: Something that lies behind the air
Yup...I'm 18

and of course nothing's changed.

College, College, College.

Can't wait for it.

At least I can hold pets in pet stores now :D!
  • Listening to: Feist- "Gatekeeper"
  • Reading: A,P. GameInfo(taste for literature has gone down)
  • Watching: nothing (no T.V.)
  • Playing: nothing (no game systems)
  • Eating: sea lions
  • Drinking: metal, dressed in tea
Hello everyone who has been watching me. I'm sorry that I lost contact with you all. I've haven't had any way of getting to dA because I don't have an internet source. The only time can really get on is when I'm at a friends house or at the library (this is where i'm typing this!). I've finally graduate High school and now on my to community college. But I start in the fall and I pretty much have nothing to do at home. It's very boring. But with that aside, I'm excited to go and finally go to college. I can't wait to start my photography course. I need to find a certain style. Some that really suit my expression and taste and views with it being too boring. Most of the work I have now is good but its seems too messy. It's not organized. I think with college, I could find a good balance and stick to a main gerne while still doing others aswell.

Hopefully soon, I will have a macbook, a nikon d80(I know I just got the d40 not even a year ago but I really prefer that camera!),some camera equipment and lens, more models, better ideas, better editing skills, better pictures, a car, a cell phone or "celluar device" (need one badly! And I call it a device because with all of the crap they can do, can you really call it a phone?) I would also like a subscription here. I just need to get settled in more and I think i'll be ready!

Thanks for watching me and I hope you contiune to as I try to become better! :D

Oh yeah....4,410 pagaviews. How and why did that happen :confused:?
  • Reading: Othello
  • Watching: United States of Tera
  • Eating: nothing at all...I don't know why.
  • Drinking: cranberry
I'm tired. Graduation is right around the corner and I'm worried out of my brains!!! My writing spirit has died but my photography has gotten better but I need more lessons to become better. I have no actual plan after high school. I'm definitely not going to college. Well, I should rephrase that. I'm not going to a University college. I plan to go to a really great community college out in Ann Arbor, Mi. The college is called Washtenaw and the photography course is taught by Thomas Knoll. He is the guy who created Adobe Photoshop with his brother. So it should be very beneficial to my editing skills. But beyond that, I haven't a clue how to get my career going in photography. I'd like to do it for the purpose of art but I'd also like to do it for magazines, documentaries, freelancing and for a fun living. I just need to finish (and start, for that manner.) my second course of Digital Media and then I'll worry about the rest but if anyone has any suggestion, I'm all ears!

Thank you and I love you all for your work and support :hug:!

On by the way, this really isn't important but I decided to go to my prom. I wasn't at first because I think it's pointless (I still do) but my friend want me to go because its our last event at school!
  • Listening to: Carina Round- Sit tight
  • Reading: FLCL, Emily Dickinson
  • Watching: Azumanga Daioh, black cat
  • Playing: that song that make the world shivers
  • Eating: pancakes and grapefruit
  • Drinking: grapefruit juice with pulp
My digital media teacher enter this picture… in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2009 contest! I'm so excited :excited:! just being in it makes feel like I'm become a photographer! Soon I'll have all things I need to be what I always wanted to be...a human that can express his emotions with being afraid of what others might think! My friends to thank for that! And I have deviantART to thank as well! As I said before, if it wasn't for the artist on this site, I would even be into photography! :dance:
I'm happy to say that today is the day I first signed on to DeviantART! I never would have thought that I took such an interest in art and photography. And I'm happy to say that I'm willing and ready to be more of an photographer and share with everyone who cares!

Thank you DeviantART for the memories!

And Thank you :iconanyry: for the support!
  • Listening to: The Devil Wears Prada
  • Reading: Macbeth
  • Watching: Heroes, Dexter, true blood still
  • Playing: the tears on my eyes
  • Eating: sour gummy worms rotting from the earth
  • Drinking: DO THE DEW!!!!!! I don't what's wrong with my life
There's nothing for me here anymore...Just shallow steps...on a beach. I could run for water (and I have) but there won't be enough for me to make tears. Deep grabs and scars is the after effect of leaving my isolation into a island only a few bodies away from empires. Heaven's sake has crumbled, slit by slit, onto false hopes in a vast socialism. Sicken by toxic, granted by unkind unknowns. But true bliss awakens by the lapse the sun, as the moon bring radiant and scintillating stars into my eyes...bringing a shine into this hallow heart. Somehow, the sky pushes me to delusion and seclusion. The mid-days are long winded and riddled with unwanted ennui, as the night grows closer and near to naught. Now to run away for these falsifications of kissing and hand shaking, I fall deep into almost thirteen hour slumbers...I've lost actions and words due to this process. And no dreams, just really bad bed soars...
  • Listening to: SKSK- The Bright side of suffering
  • Reading: The Scarlet Letter
  • Watching: Heroes, Dexter, true blood
  • Playing: The veins in my brain
  • Eating: sour gummy worms rotting from the earth
  • Drinking: Oceanspray Cran-Grape
It has been a slow dread of days yet the months pass rapidly through the summer. Reminders of an love interest surfaces to the top of my own ocean. For the girl who remain anonymous, who I thought was similar to me. Movies shows within my mind, over and over as if it was propaganda forcing me to take part to a task that had no relation to me. After several months, I realized...again...that I was wrong, graceless and sick! I have lost someone who was related to Marquis but not his depression. Sadly our bond has died and yet I still wonder for hope as if I can recover what we once had...I know deep down that this could never happen. I can only hope that she has a better existence than I will ever have and she will fulfill life as wishes and desires come to promise. But I must also get over her face...her charm, which I still carry to this very day. But this lullaby isn't easy to fall a sleep to. I must find another like doesn't has to be akin to me but an intellectual. There aren't any upon this mass grassland...maybe If I ventured to the seaside..maybe there...I'd find my January heart...
  • Listening to: Chiodos-"Lindsay Quit Lollygagging"
  • Reading: Fanboy and Gothgirl
  • Playing: Soul Calibur IV...I love you Tira!!!!
  • Eating: silver-dollar pancakes with waffle holes
  • Drinking: Lemon delicates...and your dreams, my love!
At Long last! My Expiration date has finally come to terms...with just as much apathy as recent dates! Nothing seems to differ from from sixteen...In my case, seventeen is a garbge era full of false hope! Maybe if I was a zealous opticmistic than maybe I'd problaly feel more enthused about this somewhat meaningless day! An enventful party is out of the question, for I have not that many friends and the only true friends I have are...words! Words that bring meaning to stories and life itself! But soon, I will grow into maybe what my parents will fear out of every thing in their lives...their son become indentpent and able to think on his own without his parents laws!...They say that the last then they needs is some african American punk/goth/emo wannabe running around the world,ruining their family tedious of them to think that! But enough about is my date of existence! I should be happy! I'm finally getting want I most desired from time I first visited this site...a camera! To finally express my words with pictures! But they most realize that with dark their be no light and visa versa! It has to be a checkeredboard family...if we didn't have that than we would be swallow!
  • Listening to: April March- Zero Zero & Kerli- Hurt me...
  • Reading: Emily Dickinson...again but only this, it personal
  • Watching: Dexter season 2 (Oh Lila, why did you have to die)
  • Playing: I don't know...some next gen system called the wii
  • Eating: Air cream cake! No cake! Can't afford such delight
  • Drinking: That their Lemon Juice...wit a Tall-like mug
Affection...Adorement...Atonement to another's heart...Love is a top case mystery and the evidence of me having no relation is evident in my aura. At this point, my aura is still infatuated with Anomie's aphoticness, although we are upon a emotional disembarkment from each other. In reality, I see the girl who makes my heart flutter with timidness that helps rid my aloofness. Her aura is beyond my identitfication. Our eyes meet our faces while in the hallway. A qwelled "Hi", in the form of a sallow whisper added in with a demure smile came from my body. Her smile illuminated her aura. A gasp and a small giggle, which was very questionable, came from my maw. She makes my heart explode with uncommon intentions. I had the heart to say something enchanting yet these words couldn't form corretly in my head. So why ingress passionately into a desired love, when I yet to have the mind, heart and soul, not only ready to do such but corresponding together with me? Because of my bashfulness, I think its best to wait until my social skills become better than what they are now. Then, maybe, I will be a bit more joyful when I daydream about her lips pressed against mine...
  • Listening to: Carina Round-Lucuna
  • Reading: Hamlet- Will' Rocks when it comes literature
  • Watching: the girl of my dreams pass me by...
  • Playing: with kittens and teaching them Kung-Fu, Still
  • Eating: Lemons...and suicidal limes
  • Drinking: spoiled sunshine and lemonade
As my mother and I take a small ride, I marveled the sight of the clouds after a small precipitation. They all exhibited the shade of grey, yet different tones and hues. Some clouds were simple and others were complex with mixtures of all. The most amazing clouds were the ones that hid the luminous sun but showed proof of its decent. And somewhere, in the lull firmament, the moon was making a primeful, alightful arrival. Viewing these visions made me ponder, “Does the sky have emotions?” How it has unexpected change, “Did God give it a “free-will” or a conscience? Did it care if its emotions appease anyone?” How the warm luminescence made people blissful and animated, while the winter feeds somber emotions, such as dreariness and depression, in which I favored most. The creativity of the clouds and sky made my heart feel envious to the fact of its unmatched beauty and untamed freedom. But we took our final road to our abode; a mountainous and lavishing cloud came into my aspect. Such a panorama, gave me such a ghastly feel for its size was unseen before. But the sight of last rays of the sun peering over the towering cloud and feelings of an early moon rising behind us, made my mind full of wonderings and my heart breathless…
April 11, 2008
  • Listening to: Chiodos-Teeth the size of piano keys
  • Reading: Emily Dickinson poems...All 1,775 of them
  • Watching: Clouds!!! Oh! That one looks like a kidney
  • Playing: with kittens and teaching them Kung-Fu
  • Eating: razorblades and Cherry Pop Tarts
  • Drinking: my blood and spoiled sunshine
  • Listening to: My Chemical Romance-Teenagers
  • Reading: Nothing...but my mournful future
  • Watching: My love show her Hatred for me!
  • Playing: with my own emotions (It's fun!)
  • Eating: razorblades
  • Drinking: my blood because of the Razorblades
My emotions are on Burning Bridge. To my advantage, I'll surely lose,
It's either burn in an inferno or fall to extreme calamities,
I'll to have made a choice but my slow brain waves are beyond confused,
I'm sick with bereavement and isolation, I need love's remedies,
I sit laugh at myself, while my hands are burned by the black snowflakes
Hold or give my love, am I only a fabricated dream?
In the past, I had a vow to make my a stand and do what ever it takes,
Now at life's end, I couldn't taste the cakes…sweet cream,
Now the smell of fires hallucinate in my body, it must be the ashes,
It seems like love is only in my seclusion,
The fires get to me and singe my lashes,
I hate looking in your eye because it seems like all this is just an illusion,
It hurts my heart when I speak lost words to you, so I try to remain aloof
Now my body is hurled over the ledge, my mind has closes
The water gleaming is in my tears. Death is near and the heated blood on lips is the proof
With my last…I fall off…before my everything…decomposes
All in All, I would fail in the end, whether burn or leap
Time is burning, burning away, so let me and the tide sleep.
  • Listening to: Carina Round-The city
  • Reading: Edgar Allan Poe's finest works
  • Watching: my dreams burn before my eyes!
  • Playing: still, Soul calibur III, KH2 or devil may cry
  • Eating: my own words "non-stoopid favored" (mmm)
  • Drinking: my fears mixed with a pinch of pain
Life gets tiring by the day
I find out that my soul has lost its way
When I see you, my mind is filled with words but I have not to say
To get closer to you and speak loving words to you, I pray
Help me find your love, for I grow empty with emotions
My troubles are bigger than any land, deeper than any ocean
I'm speaking broken languages, how can I communicate
Your anxieties, my depression can relate
I spoken written words, your soul entwined our fate
Hopefully, to catch your affection, I am not to late
Peacefully be with "I" and "me"
and we promise that we will never flee...

Marquis Thurman
Dec 13, 2007
  • Listening to: Kasabian-shoot the runner
  • Reading: Speak
  • Watching: Heroes
  • Playing: Soul calibur III, KH2 or devil may cry
  • Eating: my own words "pizza favored" (yum)
  • Drinking: my emotions mixed with wine