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Affection...Adorement...Atonement to another's heart...Love is a top case mystery and the evidence of me having no relation is evident in my aura. At this point, my aura is still infatuated with Anomie's aphoticness, although we are upon a emotional disembarkment from each other. In reality, I see the girl who makes my heart flutter with timidness that helps rid my aloofness. Her aura is beyond my identitfication. Our eyes meet our faces while in the hallway. A qwelled "Hi", in the form of a sallow whisper added in with a demure smile came from my body. Her smile illuminated her aura. A gasp and a small giggle, which was very questionable, came from my maw. She makes my heart explode with uncommon intentions. I had the heart to say something enchanting yet these words couldn't form corretly in my head. So why ingress passionately into a desired love, when I yet to have the mind, heart and soul, not only ready to do such but corresponding together with me? Because of my bashfulness, I think its best to wait until my social skills become better than what they are now. Then, maybe, I will be a bit more joyful when I daydream about her lips pressed against mine...
  • Listening to: Carina Round-Lucuna
  • Reading: Hamlet- Will' Rocks when it comes literature
  • Watching: the girl of my dreams pass me by...
  • Playing: with kittens and teaching them Kung-Fu, Still
  • Eating: Lemons...and suicidal limes
  • Drinking: spoiled sunshine and lemonade
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radianceincaptivity Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009  Student Filmographer
thats really pretty marquis...

who ever thats about is missing outt
dokurome Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009
Thanks apple sauce!

Yeah, the person i'm talking about in this isn't really in my life anymore, so I wouldn't worry! :D
radianceincaptivity Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009  Student Filmographer
AngelFrmUrNightmare7 Featured By Owner May 30, 2008  Student

man that is so totaly cute!!
you write beautifully.. and btw good luck with the girl *wink-wink*!

finaly congratulations with the 1,007 pageviews :nod:

:highfive: =D
dokurome Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
Thank you!:blush:

As it finally turned out, I talked to her:dance:. We had so much in common...until I found out she was a virgin, just like me!

I didn't have a problem with that, in fact I was over joyed to find a virgin as beautiful as she was! But she didn't take it the way I did! She said she needed someone with more "experience"!

It was both horribly sad and Horribly funny at the same time (more horribly sad)! It sad because...another plane of affections gets shot down! It was funny because it sounded like I turned down by employer from a job! "So Sorry! You don't have enough experience to be hire for this job!" Oh, well I guess!

Thanks again:bow:!
P.S.-I know! Finally, Right? it will be three years from now until I get 1,509!
AngelFrmUrNightmare7 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008  Student
lol.. intresting

I must say here in England we dont usualy ask people if they r virgins when we first meet them but hey watever makes u guys happy.. lol

but still omg cant believe she said that...
i mean does she wants a male jiggolo or sumthing (sorry cant spell all that well)

On the other side its good that u didnt take too much to heart.. as they say plenty more fish in the sea :nod:

dokurome Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
Yeah, us americans are losers!:bucktooth:

I really don't know how we came on the topic put somehow we were talking about sex and how I never had it! We usually don't speak about that until...I really don't know to tell you the truth. I'm really a non-social person! I only have a finger-full of friends!

Male jiggolo! Nice

Well, you may not be good at spelling but you're awesome at everything else including rhyming (spell, well)

Thank you! She was beautiful but we didn't have the same mindsets, so it was too hard on me!:D
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